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Adam Ant: 'I Want To Fight Liam Gallagher'

He slams Oasis star...


Adam Ant: 'I Want To Fight Liam Gallagher' Photo: / Splash News / Shirlaine Forrest

Adam Ant has said he would “like to have a fight” with Liam Gallagher.

The veteran musician criticised the former Oasis singer after Q magazine crowned him the Best Frontman Ever in a recent poll.

"Well in my view he's the best backman,” Adam Ant told The Quietus.

“I mean, I've got a Q Award, I don't give a fuck. I gave it to me mum. Q, I mean fucking hell it must have cost them all of 30 pence, they can stick it up their ass.”

The 55-year-old then revealed that he had never met Gallagher, and that he was ”probably a nice chap”.

However, when the interviewer replied that the singer wasn’t, Adam Ant launched an angry attack against the star.

He said: "Marc Bolan was lovely. Bryan Ferry was lovely. Michael Jackson was lovely. Liza Minelli was lovely. I'm dropping these names because I fucking met these people and they taught me something: Be nice.

“People that are really brilliant are really nice, people that ain't got a lot of mouth."

Adam Ant added: “So here you go Liam, you cunt. I'd like to have a fight with him whichever way he wants: physically, mentally I'd beat him in anyway shape or form, I know that."

Gallagher topped Q's Greatest Frontman poll ahead of Bono and Freddie Mercury, who were second and third respectively.

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