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Lady GaGa Unveils More 'Telephone' Video Stills - PHOTOS

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Lady GaGa Unveils More 'Telephone' Video Stills - PHOTOS Photo:

Ahead of the première of Lady GaGa's 'Telephone' music video on Thursday, Gigwise has some exclusive photos of the much anticipated promo.

Featuring fellow pop megastar Beyonce, 'Telephone' was filmed in California in February and directed by the legendary Jonas Aklerlund, who also worked on the singer's video for 'Paparazzi'.

Lady GaGa herself recently described the video for 'Telephone' as a “real true pop event”.

If you can't wait until 11.30pm (US EST) on Thursday night to see the video, check out the clips below.

'Telephone' is released via CD and 7” vinyl this coming Monday (March 15th).

Lady GaGa and Beyonce - 'Telephone':

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