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Sigur Ros: 'Our Music Has Been Raped On British TV'

Singer Jonsi tells Gigwise...


Sigur Ros: 'Our Music Has Been Raped On British TV' Photo: Carsten Windhorst

In an exclusive interview with Gigwise, Sigur Ros singer Jónsi Birgisson has said that the Icelandic band's track 'Hoppipolla' has been “raped” on British television.

Speaking ahead of the release of his excellent debut solo album 'Go' on April 5th, Jónsi talked about the lack of control Sigur Ros have over when and where their music is used in the UK.

Referring to the 2005 song's almost ubiquitous presence on adverts and TV shows in recent years,  Jónsi said: “'Hoppipolla' has been raped on British TV.

“In some weird way, the national TV here in Britain doesn't have to ask permission to use songs if it's in the background of TV shows or whatever.

“So they can just take it and use it and that happened a lot with 'Hoppipolla'.”

Asked if the band are jaded with how much their music is used, Jonsi added: “No, not jaded but you become self conscious. You think this doesn't work well with the scene, y'know if it's in a movie.

“But it's also one thing I've learnt to let go, you just live for a while and you die. Nothing else matters that much.”

However, Jonsi continued that he didn't mind 'Hoppipolla' being used to promote the pioneering 2006 BBC nature show Planet Earth.

“The David Attenborough show was cool though (Planet Earth),” he added. “We're all big fans of his.”

Stay tuned to Gigwise next month for the full Jonsi interview where he divulges all about 'Go'.

Sigur Ros live in London:

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