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Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour 'Makes $4million Loss'

She's yet to make any profit...


Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour 'Makes $4million Loss' Photo: / Splash News

Lady Gaga is losing money on her Monster Ball tour due to her extravagant sets.

Expensive outfits and stage props, such as an alleged $100,000 giant bathtub, are pushing the overheads up on the North American leg of the jaunt meaning the singer is yet to make any profit.

It's claimed that Gaga's self-proclaimed 'ostentatious' tour has lost almost $4million so far and it may be some time before she's in the black.

A source said: "The gigs are losing money hand over fist because they've spent a fortune on pricey costumes, technical equipment and elaborate set designs.

“She spent £500,000 on one stage alone. But Lady GaGa gets what Lady GaGa wants. Her wardrobe is huge and she wants to shock - and that costs serious money."

Her spokesperson appeared to semi-corroborate these claims with The Sun, adding: "I can't comment on figures but it wouldn't be a surprise. GaGa puts everything into her live shows and she doesn't care about the financial side of things. I wouldn't want to be her accountant."

Lady Gaga comes to the UK in February for the UK leg of The Monster Ball tour.

Lady Gaga live:

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