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Little Boots: 'I'm Fed Up With People Calling Me Fat On Twitter'

She expresses her dismay...


Little Boots: 'I'm Fed Up With People Calling Me Fat On Twitter' Photo: Carsten Windhorst

Little Boots says it's really difficult to deal with when Twitter users call her fat online.

The singer – real name Victoria Hesketh – first Tweeted last week complaining about the taunts.

She wrote: "ok getting really bored of people calling me fat online now... diet started yesterday, you don't have to rub it in."

Now, speaking to the BBC, Hesketh has expressed her dismay: "It is really difficult. I guess just doing this job you become used to it whether it's on the internet or in the papers, people saying things which simply aren't true about you.

"I think the internet is just a place where if you make yourself known publicly on it you're going to be open to people's opinions.

"You've just got to be quite hard-skinned about it and try not to worry if someone says you're fat or ugly or untalented - which they do."

Little Boots:

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