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Basement Jaxx Record Label Insist Group Haven't Been Dropped

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Basement Jaxx Record Label Insist Group Haven't Been Dropped Photo:

XL Recordings have dismissed reports that claimed Basement Jaxx had been dropped by the record label.

Over the weekend, a number of websites claimed the group had ended their relationship with XL following the completion of a five-album deal.

Basement Jaxx vocalist Felix Buxton was also quoted as saying that the label had not offered them a replacement deal.

In a statement to Gigwise, XL Recordings said they “would like to clarify that Basement Jaxx have not been dropped by the label”.

They added: “XL Recordings will be releasing the band's new album 'Scars' on September 21 along with their new single 'Feelings Gone' featuring Sam Sparro.”

Basement Jaxx are due to headline the Jersey Live festival this weekend, before embarking on a UK tour in December.

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