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Lily Allen Pledges Support To Gordon Brown And Labour Party

She also speaks about Boris Johnson...


Lily Allen Pledges Support To Gordon Brown And Labour Party Photo:

Lily Allen has given her backing to Gordon Brown as the prime minister continues to endure the fallout from the MPs expenses saga.

In an interview with the Times, Allen said she would still vote for Brown, who she described as “a nice man”.

“Of course I’ll still vote for him,” Allen told the newspaper. “I can’t not vote Labour.”

As well as MPs expenses, Brown is also facing renewed pressure over his handling of the current economic crisis.

Allen, who is currently touring her second album, also spoke about her relationship with London's mayor Boris Johnson.

The singer was approached by Johnson, a conservative and “a cool guy”, last year as part of the major's effort to quash the rise of teenage stabbings in the capital.

The singer said she would still fulfil her commitment, but didn't currently have the time.

“I could just turn up to something and shake people’s hands and have my photo taken, but I’d rather do something hands-on and actually achieve something,” she said.

“Boris wrote me a letter recently, but I’m not going to tell you what it’s about.”

Allen also joked that she was tackling the current recession by continuing to spend.

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