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Christian Bale Terminator Rant Turned Into A Tribute Song

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Christian Bale Terminator Rant Turned Into A Tribute Song Photo:

The Mae Shi have recorded a song about actor Christian Bale's now infamous rant on the set of the new Terminator movie.

The electro track, 'RU Professional (4Xtian)', samples Bale's rant at the movie's director of photography.

In a statement, the band, who are currently on a US tour, said: "We thought it [the tape] was so crazy that we, The Mae Shi, wrote and recorded a song about it.

“We should clarify and say that this isn't really a Mae Shi song, it's a tribute song we made to celebrate the epic-ness of Christian Bale."

Bale is understood to have lost his patience after Shane Hurlbut after he interrupted the actor filming a scene.

The remix – which can be heard below – has been worked around Bale's line: “What the fuck are you doing? Are you professional?”

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