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Madonna: 'Barack Obama Election Win Was Best Day Of My Life'

She tells Californian crowd...


Madonna: 'Barack Obama Election Win Was Best Day Of My Life' Photo: Carsten Windhorst

Madonna has described Democrat Barack Obama's win in the United States presidential elections yesterday (November 4th) as the “best day of my life”.

The singer commented on the election result during a sold out performance at California's Petco Park last night.

"Are you as happy as I am? Let's hear it for Obama. It's the best day of my life,” Street quotes Madonna as saying.

Madonna, an outspoken supporter of Mr Obama's campaign throughout the presidential race, called his victory the “beginning of a whole new world”.

The singer was criticised by the Republican party earlier this year over a video which bracketed Mr Obama's rival, John McCain, with Adolf Hitler.

She also publicly banned Mr McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, from attending any of the shows on her Sticky & Sweet world tour.

A spokesperson for Mr McCain's campaign said Madonna's actions were “outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive all at the same time.”

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Madonna gets Sticky & Sweet

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