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Dimebag Darrell's Estate To Be Divided Amongst His Family

While they debate whether to file a wrongful death lawsuit...



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The estate of the murdered Damageplan guitarist ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott is to be divided equally between his brother and father.

According to the Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Yahoo Dimebag did not leave a will yet Vinnie Paul Abbott and Dimebag’s father Jerry Abbott are not squabbling over the estate.

Family lawyer Steve McClure said to the newspaper :"(Abbott) reiterated to just about everybody that he didn't have a will because he didn't want to give anyone a reason. These are class folks and you're not going to see them at the courthouse fighting over nickels and dimes."

Dimebag’s assets are estimated at $700,000, including a $450,000 home in the Dallas area and $250,000 in personal property. The value of his music copyrights was not specified in court.

Although Dimebag’s girlfriend Rita Sue Haney was not listed as a beneficiary, his business manager Jeff Rasco said: "Rita's going to be provided for...Darrell knew her since the third grade."

The Abbott family are still debating whether or not to file a wrongful death lawsuit as result of the December shootings at a Damageplan gig in Ohio that killed Dimebag and three others.

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