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Oasis: 'Jay-Z Acted Like A Schoolgirl After Glastonbury Set'

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Oasis: 'Jay-Z Acted Like A Schoolgirl After Glastonbury Set' Photo: WENN

Oasis guitarist Gem Archer has accused Jay-Z of acting like a schoolgirl after the US rapper released a song which berates his bandmate Noel Gallagher.

In the song, entitled 'Jockin' Jay-Z', the rapper refers to his well publicised appearance at last summer's Glastonbury Festival, which Gallagher said was “wrong” for the event.

He raps: "That bloke from Oasis said I couldn't play guitar/Somebody should have told him I'm a fuckin' rock star."

The track, from Jay-Z's forthcoming 'Blueprint 3' album, emerged just days after the rapper said he wasn't bothered about Gallagher's remarks.

Now, speaking to the Sun newspaper, Archer has told Jay-Z to grow up.

“It’s like eight-year-old girls in a schoolyard, running off and writing ditties like that,” he said.

“But rappers love a ruck. It’s what they do. They set out to have a fight and it’s there in their lyrics. They love biffo.”

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Jay-Z at Glastonbury 2008

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