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Pete Wentz: I'm Targeted By The Police'

For driving a blacked out SUV...


Pete Wentz: I'm Targeted By The Police' Photo: wenn

Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz believes that he's targeted by police in Los Angeles because he drives an SUV with blacked out windows.

The bassist and his assistant were pulled over by cops in the city on Wednesday (July 9) when the vehicle stopped at traffic lights.

After a check, police found that his licence had expired, but police did not charge him as his assistant was driving at the time.

He said afterwards: "I think I get profiled... because I drive a car that has black windows on it and it must look like I'm just doing bad things.

"My assistant got pulled over and they decided to make us roll down all the windows and we asked if we could drive to the studio and go behind a gated area because there's no law to stop the paparazzi from taking pictures as close as they want."

You can see Pete and his assistant being pulled over by the police below:

Scott Colothan


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