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50 Cent 'Amazed' After Meeting Nelson Mandela

During South African tour...


50 Cent 'Amazed' After Meeting Nelson Mandela Photo: WENN

US rapper 50 Cent has described his recent meeting with Nelson Mandela as “amazing”.

The rapper met with the former leader of South Africa during a brief tour of the country earlier this year.

Speaking to MTV news about the encounter, which happened with little media spotlight, 50 Cent said it was more than he had expected.

The rapper was accompanied around South Africa by Mandla Mandela, Mr Mandela's grandson, who took 50 Cent to the Apartheid Museum and the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum.

"I've been enlightened in a lot of different ways," 50 Cent said, talking about his tour.

"To have someone directly involved give me information was exciting. You know, I learn faster hands-on than I do from reading books,” he said.

“It's exciting to be in a position where people [of the Mandelas' stature] will actually take the time out to explain these things to me."

You can see pictures of 50 Cent performing with G Unit below...

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