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Coldplay Accused Of 'Copying Viva La Vida Melody'

By an American indie band...


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An American indie band have accused Coldplay of copying the melody from one of their songs and using it on the band's new album.

Creaky Boards claim that 'Viva La Vida', the title track from Coldplay's number one album, takes its melody from a track that's ironically entitled 'The Songs I didn't Write'.

In a video message on YouTube, Andrew Hoepfner, the bands songwriter, says that Martin even saw the band when they performed last year.

"We were flattered when we thought we saw Chris Martin in the crowd that night. He seemed pretty into it. Maybe too into it,” he writes.

'Viva La Vida' went straight in at number one yesterday (June 15th), selling 302,000 copies in just three days.

Coldplay, who will perform in London later today (June 16th), have yet to respond to the claims.

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