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Jason Gregory

09:53 23rd May 2008

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Oasis representatives believe Coldplay have copied the band by choosing to release their new album on a Thursday.

‘Viva La Vida’, Coldplay’s fourth album, was originally meant to be released on June 16th, however, the band have brought the release forward to June 12th.

Oasis apparently think this is because Coldplay are trying to beat their fastest-selling British album record, which they set with ‘Be Here Now’.

Oasis’s album sold a massive 700,000 copies in just three days when it was released in 1997.

“Some people reckon Coldplay have nicked their successful blueprint from Be Here Now to try to break the record,” an insider said.

Responding to the claim in the Sun Newspaper, a spokesperson for the band said that the release date was brought forward to bring it into line with the rest of Europe.

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