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Warner Music Group To Trial 'Variable Album Price Scheme'

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Warner Music Group To Trial 'Variable Album Price Scheme' Photo: WENN

Warner Music Group are to test a new scheme which could allow select digital album downloads to be sold at variable prices.

The record label, which is home to Madonna, has signed a deal with Digonex Technologies who specialise in suggesting prices based upon behavioural principles

The test, which will run for a limited time, will mean that “consumers can actively help set prices for select digital albums”.

At present, it’s not clear whether Warner will include their major acts in the scheme or which retailers will be involved.

Jan Eglen, CEO of Digonex Technologies, said the pilot program was “groundbreaking”, adding that the company is “confident that our technology has the potential to have a significant impact on digital album sales for the selected titles.”

It’s unlikely that Warner’s new scheme will involve Apple’s iTunes music store, who have previously stated that their prices will not vary depending on artist.

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