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Elvis Presley Styrofoam Cup For Sale To Paul McCartney

For a princely sum of $10,000...



Elvis Presley Styrofoam Cup For Sale To Paul McCartney Photo:

ElvisA world-famous Styrofoam cup once used by Elvis Presley is being sold for $10,000 on the site eBay… but only if Paul McCartney bids.

If McCartney places the bid, the owner of the ‘Elvis Cup’, Wade Jones claims he will donate all proceeds to Heather McCartney’s favourite charity ‘No More Landmines’.

Jones has been offered thousands of dollars for the cup on many occasions, but has so far refused all offers. The cup manufacturer Dart Container has also allegedly put in a bid. 

Mr Jones also takes it on tour with him around the US to raise money for various charities.

Wade Jones took the cup from an Elvis concert in Charlotte in February 1977, six months before the legendary singer died. Wade has since built up a cult status for the relic.

He even has a website,, which celebrates the cup and supplies facts.

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