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Brian Harvey: 'East 17 Will Take On Take That'

The singer has high hopes...


Brian Harvey: 'East 17 Will Take On Take That' Photo: wenn

Yesterday it was revealed that East 17 are making a comeback as E-17 with an angry song called ‘Fuck That.’ Now, pill munching frontman Brian Harvey says he believes they can take on the musical institution that is Take That.

Harvey says the song ‘Fuck That’ is merely a demo and we’re to expect greater things from the Walthamstow outfit. Exciting, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Still boasting a massive ego despite years in the wilderness and a failed solo career, Harvey tells Gordon Smart: “We were the rebels of the music industry so we wanted to write a rebellious song.

“We could give Take That a run for their money. We don’t have our original line-up, either, so we’ve got something in common.”

Harvey, of course, is referring to bloated absent member and songwriter Tony Mortimer who has washed his hands of the group.

Scott Colothan


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