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Ronnie Wood Took $70,000 Loan To Fund Crack Addiction

And to paint his kitchen...


Ronnie Wood Took $70,000 Loan To Fund Crack Addiction Photo:

Ronnie Wood has revealed that he once duped an insurance company into a $70,000 (£35,000) loan to fund his drug habit.

Wood talks about the incident in his new book ‘Ronnie’ and says he was in financial ruin after discovering crack cocaine in 1979.

In the book he writes: "The first hit is totally euphoric but you never get back there so you're always chasing that first time.

“It got to the point where I would be on my hands and knees looking for crumbs that might have fallen out of the pipe. I even banned my children eating meringues in the house after I ended up smoking sugar, believing it to be cocaine.

"Things got so bad for me that I convinced my insurance company to let me have a $70,000 home improvement loan.

“When I received the cheque, I put Tarmac down on a new driveway, painted the kitchen green, and spent the rest on dope in just six weeks."

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