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Dirty Pretty Things To Record Album Two In USA

Band talk about new LP…


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Dirty Pretty Things will record their second album – the follow-up to 2006’s ‘Waterloo To Anywhere’ – in America.

The band will travel to Southern California later in the summer to record the album alongside a “lesser known” producer, according to guitarist Anthony Rossomando.

Speaking to Spinner, Rossomando said that the band already have at least two dozen tracks for the LP – which will mix the band’s familiar punk sound with new influences.

Talking about one untitled track – penned by bassist Didz Hammond – Rossomando said: “It's actually a pretty nice, sentimental little song. But, we'd rather have that piano-y song sound like Arab Strap than fucking Coldplay. If we're gonna try something we didn't do on the first record, there's always a couple of ways you can go with it."

Rossomando also said interview that him and the groups frontman Carl Barat have been writing a lot in London cemeteries over recent months.

"Carl and me, we've been to some cemeteries recently to do some writing,” said the guitarist. "We go in the afternoon and hang out, drink a couple cans and wander around and bump back into each other and go 'What have you got? What have you got?' kind of thing."

Early indications from the band suggest that the album will be out in Spring 2008.

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