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BRMC: 'Don't Read, It's Not Cool To Be Clever'

Band dismiss education...


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Speaking to Gigwise, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Peter Hayes has rubbished the need for education and reading.

The vocalist/guitarist with the Californian outfit was reacting to the incident where Noel Gallagher labelled Bloc Party as “a band off university challenge.”

It seems that BRMC are firmly on Oasis’ side, with Hayes extolling the virtues of being a drop out who quivers at the sight of a book.

He told Gigwise: “Life’s nothing to do with reading, it has to do with spirit. I couldn’t give a fuck about reading. I don’t read that much, and I couldn’t much care to read ‘On The Road’ [novel by Jack Kerouac] I tried, I couldn’t, I’d rather live it, you know what I mean?

“I never went to college, it might have been stupid but I’d rather live all those experiences that the collage kids are reading about. So no it isn’t cool to be clever, not really because you’re not fucking living. Get out and get your fuckin nose out of a book and live life.

“I don’t know, but at the same time I say it ain’t cool to be a dumbass either, I have a bit of class you know. It ain’t cool to be useless, I mean that’s everywhere, being useless is not clever.”

Don’t expect any groundbreaking lyrics on the new Black Rebel album, then.

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