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Liam Gallagher mulls over a supergroup with The Stone Roses and Richard Ashcroft

So just how volatile would this mix be?


Liam Gallagher supergroup The Stone Roses Richard Ashcroft Photo: Press

Never the most sedate of characters, former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has suggested that his ideal supergroup would consist of fellow – ahem – lively figures such as The Verve's Richard Ashcroft and The Stone Roses. You could imagine that one lasting perhaps one rehearsal before the fists started flying but hey, let’s indulge the guy.

With his debut solo album, As You Were, about to be released on October 6, the ‘Wonderwall’ vocalist has revealed in an interview with Consequence Of Sound the people that he’d like to form a band with.

“Anyone that would be in a supergroup or that would have anything to do with a supergroup are all solo,” said Our Kid. “There’s far too many solo stars out there for my liking and not enough bands. I’m doing this cause I have to. I’d much prefer to be in a band.

Liam continued: “The ideal ones would be the guys out of The Stone Roses. I think they just split up, so that would be good. [Richard] Ashcroft would be good. There’s a lot of people out there, but the majority of them are all doing their own thing. But, if they want to do one, give us a shout. I’ll do it.”

Despite the rancour that followed Oasis’ final demise, Gallagher minor still carries a torch for the band.

“I feel very proud of it,” he said. “I think we’ve done a good job, man, and we’ve moved a lot of people. And we mean a lot to people even now that we’re not playing. There’s a lot of generations that have missed out on seeing us, but they come to the gigs and they like it.

“I’m never gonna get away from it, and I don’t wanna get away from it. I am the man in Oasis and I fucking love it.”

Julian Marszalek


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