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Musicians condemn President Donald Trump's latest racism

Rihanna, Arcade Fire's Win Butler, Queens of the Stone Age and more speak out against attack on Muslims


Musicians condemn President Donald Trump's latest racism Photo: Still

Good morning. First the good news: the apocalypse has not yet struck, no nuclear warheads are in the air and the four horsemen are unsighted (at the time of writing).

Now the bad: President Donald Trump’s executive order that is definitely not a Muslim ban, just one that indiscriminately targets people from countries with large Muslim populations with the delicacy and diplomacy of Godzilla in Manhattan, is still in effect.

Over the weekend, many from the notoriously liberal music world, including Rihanna, Arcade Fire’s Win Butler and the bass player from Blink 182, used social media to respond. Needless to say, many were as unimpressed as anyone with half a functioning brain.


History Has Its Eyes On You. Know what is right. Know what is wrong.

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We could go on but, well, you get the picture. The good news is that the rich and famous are not simply telling the world how terrible this is. Good on Grimes, then, who pledged to match her fans’ donations to the Council on American-Islamic Relations and made good on her promise to the tune of $10,000.

Meanwhile Sia went 10 times better, pledging to match donations to the civil rights charity the ACLU up to a cool $100,000.

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