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If you dial this number, you can hear The Avalanches' first new song in 15 years

'Subway' is the first new material since 2000's Since I Left You


The Avalanches reveal new song, Subway, on phone number hotline Photo: Press

After 15 years of waiting, we’ve finally got a new song by The Avalanches. But you have to dial a phone number to hear it.

The cult band have only released one album in their nearly 20 year career - 2000's Since I Left You. Rumours of an imminent follow-up back in 2014 failed to come into fruition, but now it looks like it’s finally happening.

After announcing a string of live dates, the group plastered a poster all over London - along with a phone number: +44 800 098 8938.

We rang the number, and after a few failed attempts to get through, we were treated to a preview of new song, ‘Subways’.

It takes a little while to get going, and it sounds like it’s been piped through a straw, but if you can get past that, it's pretty great. The plinky keyboard riff is soon joined by a funk-laced bass part, and then a chorus of voices singing words we can’t make out.

Get Avalanches tickets and more information here, and see their full tour dates below.

3 June – Barcelona, Primarava Sound
9 June – London, Oval Space
11 June – Brighton City Airport, Wild Life Festival
12 June – London, Field Day
22 July – Byron Bay, Splendour in the Grass
24 July – Yuzawa, Fuji Rock Festival

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