The supergroup formed to celebrated The Clash's Paul Simonon's birthday
Alexandra Pollard

09:42 14th December 2015

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Damon Albarn, Noel Gallagher, Chrissie Hynde and The Clash's Paul Simonon formed a one-off supergroup last night (13 December) to celebrate Simonon's 60th birthday. Watch footage of their performance below.

The Clash's bassist turns 60 this week (15 December), and he had an early celebration in London over the weekend, during which he managed to persuade Britpop rivals Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher into performing together.

The Blur and Oasis frontmen were also joined by The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde (who had a busy weekend - she joined Kylie Minogue onstage at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday) and Simonon himself, and performed a version of Gorillaz' (Albarn's animated band) 'DARE' and The Clash's 'Brand New Cadillac'.

Watch the supergroup perform 'DARE' and 'Brand New Cadillac', and see the setlist, below.


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#supergroup for #happybirthday!

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That should probably do the job. 🎂💥🎉 X

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Have a good one Paul.

  • Noel Gallagher VS Ed Sheeran: Upon learning that the red-headed pop sensation was headlining three nights at Wembley Stadium, Gallagher hit out at Sheeran by saying he didn't want to live in a world where that was possible, continuing: "When you hear that kind of polished pop and then there%u2019s a ginger guy with a f**king guitar, it seems subversive - but it's f**king not". Taking it in good spirit, Sheeran fought back by simply tweeting "I can live in it, its really enjoyable".

  • Azealia Banks VS Disclosure: Back in 2014, Azealia Banks tweeted excitedly about heading into the studio to work with Disclosure. In an interview days after, the brothers played it down, which seemingly angered Banks (who knew huh?), prompting her to say she wanted to punch one of them in the face, in her words "the little one with the pimples around his mouth".

  • Jack White V Foo Fighters: White appeared to take aim at Foo Fighters for having two guitarists "playing the same parts" in case one of them messes up. He then ranted about Rolling Stone, the Kardashians, and how everything anyone says these days is labelled a "rant". Oops. Foo Fighters responded with a picture of a chimp playing a guitar, and White's label have now said it was all a joke.

  • Rizzle Kicks Vs Wiley: First Rizzle Kicks tweeted a picture of a newspaper headline reading, "Thousands of fish die" and suggested it was because they listened to Wiley. Then, in a series of grammatically upsetting tweets, Wiley responded by calling them a "bunch of monkey's" (sic) and "Siamese Doondus twins" and insisting, "the last 10 years of my genre out ways anything you are gonna do in your whole career's." (sic)

  • Idris Elba v Liam Gallagher: This one was over Liam's hair. According to Elba, he tried to greet the Oasis singer with a hug and a pat on his head at an awards ceremony, but was told he wasn't allowed to touch his hair. "Fuck off," he responded. "Next time walk with a fucking hairdresser then."

  • Waka Flocka Flame VS Wiz Khalifa - This war of words began after Waka claimed he rolled renowned weedhead Khalifa a "huge blunt" he couldn't handle. The two rappers began a fuggy war of words on Twitter, which eventually dissolved when Khalifa presumably forgot what he was even talking about and decided to order three pizzas and watch Pineapple Express.

  • Tyler, the Creator VS Iggy Azalea: In the crowded field of hip-hop acts who have taken offence at Azalea's success, Tyler said Iggy "stinks" and her bum is fake. Iggy said Tyler is "immature". Tyler said "sorry". We've seen better fights in the playground.

  • Justin Timberlake Vs Kanye West: The internet lost the plot when Timberlake perfomed on SNL and changed the Kanye West line, "Shit so sick, got a hit and picked up a habit," to "My hit's so sick, got rappers acting dramatic." Instantly of course, the two became sworn enemies. Or that's what the media wanted to happen. In reality, Jay-Z probably didn't care and Timberlake said: "Did I change a line? I don't remember."

  • Azealia Banks (again) Vs Lily Allen: The '212' rapper decided it would be a really neat idea to tell Lily Allen that her husband "looks like a thumb" and that her children were ugly. Allen responded with some fairly poisonous remarks of her own, but there's really no topping Banks mocking Allen's offspring.

  • Spectres VS Sam Smith: Seeing as they almost share a name with the new James Bond film, the rising indie stars unveiled a rather delightful 'alternative' and 'unofficial Bond theme to rival Mr Smith's 'Writing's On The Wall'. It got some support from BBC 6 Music, and the band did some light online ribbing with fake posters and magazine covers poking fun at Smith - before unveiling some rather harsh emails allegedly from Smith's management 'bullying' 6 Music to stop playing their song. They were immediately revealed to be a 'hoax'. What the hell just happened?

  • Adele vs Damon Albarn: The 'Rolling In The Deep' star confessed to being a huge Blur fan while growing up, and the pair were set to work together on 25. However, sessions came to nothing when word of bad blood when Albarn reportedly slammed Adele's music as 'very middle of the road'. 'Never meet your heroes', she replied, before he retorted that it 'wasn't even true'. Man, bring back the good ole days of a Britpop fist fight...

  • Justin Bieber vs 5 Seconds Of Summer: The pop band assumed that 'Justin Bieber hated them' and they went to a party were he had his album on loop 'for like four hours'. Bieber then replied then he didn't hate them, nor even know them and urged 'don't use my name for headlines'.

  • Deadmau5 vs Kanye West: The mouse-headed dance star hit out at Yeezy when he appeared to screen grab himself illegally downloading music and Deadmau5's own software, and rightly so. West's response? "# I’m bored ### when you get married will your wife have a giant minnie mouse head? # This brightened up my day… thank you dead-mow-five" Game, set, match

  • James Bay vs Lily Allen: Allen previously slammed the BRITs for the lack of diversity in their nominations and for not giving grime enough credit, before Bay said that he 'couldn't remember' her last release. 'Sheezus' then took offence at being branded as 'forgettable', comparing Bay to the 'standard, basic and least flavoursome herb' with which he shares his name. Bay ended it by saying "I’d simply been unaware of her most recent release and subsequently someone has been over creative with this whole story" - oh, and just when things were getting interesting....

  • Zayn Malik vs Calvin Harris: The former One Direction turned solo star shared a tweet from account @FemaleTexts, comparing Swift's battle to gain wealthy artists more royalty money from streaming sites to Miley CyruS' campaign to help homeless youths. Malik then went on to describe this as a "G statement". Swift's boyfriend and millionaire DJ Calvin Harris then responded: "You've made your money? Cool? Fuck the 99% of musicians who depend on these services to survive right?...Yeah fuck em." Malik then replied "made an absolute fool of yourself mate" and advised him to "Ccalm [his] knickers before them dentures fall out", adding "Oh, and I write my own shit too dickhead." Harris then assured that he wasn't attacking Malik but the original author, adding "Best of luck, genuinely. You've got a great voice." We can't wait to see this one turned into a movie

  • Wolf Alive vs Fat White Family: Wolf Alice were joined by Fat Whites n an EU tour, before Saul Adamczewski dropped out saying he "cannot stand to listen to Wolf Alice for another night," before Lias Saoudi added: "There's so much landfill indie and crap industry fodder at the moment. All these horrible bands like Slaves and Peace and Wolf Alice. All this absolute drivel for angry nine-year-olds". Wolf Alice responded by simply telling them to 'fuck off' and adding "Honestly, if the biggest problem you've got in your life is Wolf Alice and fucking indie music then you've got it fine."

  • The 1975 vs Reverend & The Makers: It all started when 'The Rev' took a pot-shot at Healy, slamming him for 'thinking he's in Nirvana' when he's actually in Boyzone. A long string of abuse followed, with the flames being further fanned as fans from the camps of both fans jumped on board to troll one another, with the furore eventually coming to the attention of Healy, who zinged him in the style of Kanye, before comparing them to a 'Carling advert from 2006'. Me-ow.

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