by Will Butler Contributor | Photos by Peter Astedt

Premiere: Get wrecked by the f*ck-punk sounds of The Magnettes

They'll chew you up, spit you out and you'll always come back for more


Premiere, The Magnettes, fuck punk, new music, Bones Photo: Peter Astedt

It's Friday so it's time to get fucked up, and guess what, we've got just the perfect band for you. Introducing the fuck-punk sounds of Sweden's The Magnettes.

They say creative limitation is the key to innovation but I believe boredom is an underrated source of progression. Born in the sleepy, Twin Peaks-esque town of Pajala far afield from any vibrancy or urban goings-on, Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla formed The Magnettes to kill both time and eardrums.

With a over-encumbering arsenal filled with hedonistic tracks that revolve around youthful abandon - which is the PC translation for getting battered, fucking indiscriminately and taking the role of purveying general menace. 

And while The Magnettes embrace the punk lifestyle with a fresh vigour, their music is actually closer to synth-pop. 'Bones' is a sinisterly saccharine tune that may sound neon-tinged on the surface but appearances can be deceiving. "I won't stop until I pick your bones off" - ouch.

Listen to The Magnettes' 'Bones' below

The Magnettes come by as advocates of the #SadGirlsClub. If you're wondering what that's all about, check out their group's M.O in the band's own words: "We're reclaiming the word ugly”, Why does beautiful have to be the standard? We think speaking your mind and being weak, weird, sad, anything but perfect, and ultimately real is cool. We have no regrets. That’s the ‘Sad Girls Club.’ It’s a space for anyone who listens to our music to be who they are. Embrace the ugly.”

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