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Isle of Wight headliners score more Number Ones than any other festival

Fleetwood Mac, Blur and The Prodigy all come out on top


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Isle of Wight's headliners have scored more Number One albums than those at any other music festival in the UK this year.

Blur and The Prodigy have been unveiled as the most successful album chart acts, with six number one albums each including two released this year; Blur with the Magic Whip and The Prodigy's The Day Is My Enemy. Combined with US super-band Fleetwood Mac, who have had four albums at the top of the UK chart in their career and the rest of the festival's headline acts, they have totalled 19 number ones.

This makes the Isle of Wight festival's headliners the top scorers above any other UK festival.

Fleetwood Mac will headline the Isle of Wight festival for the first time this year after it was rumoured they turned down Glastonbury for the opportunity. Check out our feature on the 14 greatest Fleetwood Mac songs here.

Isle of Wight takes place 11-14 June. 

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