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Liverpool's Zuzu unveils second ever single, 'What You Want'

A long-awaited but satisfyingly sprightly release


Zuzu get off LIverpool What Yout Want Photo: Press

Following last year’s 'Get Off', the Liverpudlian singer/songwriter returns today with her second single, 'What You Want'. 

The song is another spree of fast paced lyricisim and infectious choruses, with guitars that jump in an out of breezy indie pop and irked distortion.

Through a smuttering of philosophical subtitling, the video is framed around Zuzu’s klutzy, bespectacled cool, and she appears throughout like a slightly more chipper Jarvis Cocker.

For fans of her first single, 'What You Want' will come as a long awaited but satisfyingly sprightly release.

Zuzu is playing at The Lexington on 10 January for The Line Of Best Fit.

Olly Telling


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