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21 photos of people not caring about Glastonbury rain

The party begins - and so does the downpour. Day one photos from Worthy Farm


21 photos of people not caring about Glastonbury rain Photo: Shirlaine Forrest

27 June, 2013: Men in dresses? Girls in short-shorts? Yep. The festival regulars are out in force as Glastonbury festival gets underway on day one of this year's summer spectacular. See photos of Thursday at Glastonbury below.

The music scheduling kicks off today (Friday, 28 June 2013), but already, the early birds have been treated to 'surprise' sets by Fatboy Slim and Alt-J, who thrilled with their performances at Worthy Farm.

Also arriving early at Glasto? The rain. Despite early promises of a dry weekend, wet weather swept into the Westcountry, and soaking the party people enjoying the great outdoors. Did anyone let a bit of rain stop them however? No chance.

Check out photos of the beautiful (if a little soggy) people at Glastonbury 2013 - day one.



Michael Baggs


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