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Stay+: In Demand

The year's most exciting indie-dance prospect


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Stay+ (pronounced Stay Positive) are an electronic dance duo, consisting of Matt Farthing and Christopher Poole - and as far as 2012 goes, we reckon they're the most exciting new electronica band of the year so far.

They duo are just about to drop their first fully realised project into the world - an ambitious opus entitled: 'Arem'.

The project consists of five original ambient and electronic tracks which blend guitars with dance beats and features vocals from the likes of Daniel O'Sullivan (Miracle) and Moshi Moshi's Psychologist. We've had a listen to the new collection and it gives us chills. Ibiza-house fades into chillstep; balearic beats cascade alongside dub, while euphoric trace melts into blissful ambient beats.

But the terrible twosome arn't content with just cooking up an audible feast. Their latest EP is also set to contain an original 16 minute film called 'The Buzzer', written, directed and shot by the band. Sounds ambitious - but intriguing.

It is clear that the duo have paid meticulous attention to detail, with their packaging designed by the Parisian powerhouse behind Bjork, Kanye West and Givenchy's output. A project with this much thought and crerative collaboration is always sure to grab our attention.

Watch out for the haunting rave sounds emanating from festivals this Summer as Stay+ attempt to conquer Europe. Stay+ are set to play slots at Bestival, Parklife, Beacons, Hultsfred and Pukkelpop. We think they will be the dance soundtrack of the Summer.

Watch the exclusive trailer for 'The Buzzer' below:

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