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The BRIT Awards 2013: All the action as it happened

Gigwise live blogged the music event of the year...


The BRIT Awards 2013: All the action as it happened Photo:

 Hey guys! It's time for the Brit Awards, so follow along with it right here - from live performances to award winners, we'll have it all.

Check out the full recap of winners and performers right here.

22:00 - And One Direction have won the Global Success award! That's all from us - hope you enjoyed the night.

21:57 - Congratulations to Emeli Sande for winning the British Album of the Year award for Our Version Of Events. Her second BRIT of the night!

21:55 - Time to find out who won British Album of the Year. This is a big one!

21:42 - War Child win the Special Recognition award.

21:39 - "Before this year I didn't get many trophies in my life, and I'm definitely a long way from working fast food in New Orleans." Frank Ocean.

21:38 - And now it's Best International Male Solo Artist. Congratulations to Frank Ocean! We love Channel Orange.

21:28 - The Black Keys win Best International Group. Well done! They're not here to accept it, though.

21:23 - Robbie Williams on Taylor Swift: "She's really fit!" Could this be the next unholy union?

21:18 - Whatever anyone says about Taylor Swift, there's no denying that this is a really interesting stage set up

21:16 - Adele wins the Best British Single award for 'Skyfall'. And definitely wasn't cut off this time.

21:10: - This is Coldplay's eighth BRIT award since they formed

21:07 - Best British Live Act goes to Coldplay

21:02 - One Direction continue their plan of world domination. This is the premiere of their Teenage Kicks/One Way Or Another mashup for Comic Relief.

21:01 - Two years in a row that Lana Del Rey has won a BRIT. Last year was International Breakthrough Award

20:59 - Lana Del Rey wins Best International Female Solo Artist. Makes a very cute acceptance speech.

20:51 - Emeli Sande: "I'm going to have some time off, maybe go back to Scotland."

20:48 - Ben Howard wins Best British Male Solo Artist and tells us all he forgot people the first time. He seems so flustered. It's kind of adorable.

20:46 - Ed Sheeran is actually wearing a suit! Take THAT, GQ

20:42 - Don't think we're really feeling 'Mirrors', and the vocals are a bit nasal. Can we have 'Suit & Tie' back?

20:40 - This is JT's first televised performance of 'Mirrors' and he's heading over to Kentish Town Forum straight after this to perform a London gig. We're a little bit jealous of everyone going.

20:39 - Justin Timberlake's televised comeback performance! And he is, of course, wearing a Suit & Tie. 

20:34 - James Corden promises us Best British Male and Justin Timberlake after the break. We are quite excited, to be honest.

20:32 - "I'm not very good at speeches, not very good at dancing." You're good at music, Ben Howard! You just won an award for it!

20:30 - Aww, Ben Howard seems very overwhelmed by winning Best British Breakthrough Act. Good for him.

20:27 - There's only one bowler hat between Mumford & Sons! What's happened to their farmer outfits? :(

20:26 - Mumford & Sons win Best British Group! They seem quite speechless and there's only one bowler hat to be seen between them.

20:25 - So what did we think of that performance? Not quite as many fireworks as Muse earlier

20:24 - Ooh, Robbie WIlliams is going all out with the cubes. This is making our eyes go a bit funny to be honest

20:22 - Robbie Williams is performing 'Candy' looking very dapper in a blue suit. There is a lot of checkerboard going on here.

20:19 - @Zoeoeh says on the Emeli Sande win, "well deserved. She's the only female singer i've ever been able to stand. She kicks arse! #Brits2013." Agree? Let us know @Gigwise

20:15 - We mean this in a nice way, honest, but has Harry Styles been electrocuted? Fluffy hair to the max!

20:12 - And the British Female Solo Artist award goes to Emeli Sande. Well done! Will she get all three out of three?

20:11 - Ah, it's Taylor Swift! We wonder if she's been kept away from Harry Styles - and as if by magic, the fluffy haired youngster himself is shown on screen, looking very unperturbed by it all.

20:09 - Mumford are having a chat about their nomination. 'Lover of the Light' is very fun to play live, apparently. The more you know.

20:06 - Muse are currently kicking off the Brits with 'Supremacy'. We enjoyed the lasers and orchestra - and even though they apparently had to cut down on the fireworks, there were still more than enough. Makes us wonder how many they would have had otherwise!?

Watch a round-up of the BRIT awards below:

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Below - BRIT Awards 2013: All the best photos from the red carpet



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