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12 things you need to know before going to Bestival

It's a festival like no other - so get ready


Bestival facts that you need to know Photo: Wenn

Festival season is drawing to a close. Reading & Leeds is behind us and Glastonbury is a distant memory, but the summer's huge UK events are far from over yet - and we've got Bestival on the horizon.

Admittedly, getting to Bestival isn't quite as simple as hopping on the London bus bound for Glasto - there's the small matter of (a little bit of) the sea to cross first - but escaping the UK mainland is just one of the things that makes Bestival a little bit more special than some of its festival rivals. Although there's obviously more to the festival than going on a boat...

So, whether you're new to the festival or a Bestival pro, check out the nine things you need to know, or re-familiarise yourself with, before you head off to the Isle Of Wight and everything it has to offer. Anchors away...

1. It will be amazing - and first timers won't believe what they are experiencing
Last year, someone we know described their first trip to Bestival as 'like a 40-year-old woman having her first orgasm', in that festivals finally made sense to him, and he never wanted it to end. Bestival is a party like no other - with the attention to details of a boutique festival spread across the stunning Isle Of Wight creating an atmosphere all of its own.

2. Everyone is really attractive
Yes, everyone at Glastonbury and Latitude are very lovely looking indeed, but the Bestival audiences are known for being something special. Maybe it's the liberal application of glitter or maybe it's the salty sea air, but you will fall in love with strangers at regular occasions - be warned.

3. Everyone is really friendly
Do you know what makes someone even better looking? When they're really friendly. If you don't make friends in the breakfast queue at the Wagamama pop-up (trust us, nothing clears a hangover better than a Katsu curry) then you're doing it wrong. Bestival has one of the best festival atmospheres you could ever hope to find in the UK.

4. Don't just wear a onesie - Bestival audiences go BIG on outfits
Thinking of tossing your red panda Kigu into a rucksack and whipping it out when you arrive? You might want to think again. Bestival fancy dress can be kinda special, and costume watching is one of the best ways to spend a hungover afternoon as you ease yourself back to normality (with cold cider). This year, the theme is 'Summer Of Love', so let your imagination run away with with you. 

5. You'll spend more time with trannies than you ever imagined
Once the main acts are finished (and you're tried to squeeze into the Big Top for the DJ sets), the place to be is the Sink The Pink tent. The most outrageous part of the entire festival, this London party crew specialises in sexually charged stage shows and the hottest mess on the island. A late-night must.

6. They have a dance stage that is a boat
The other year saw the launch of The Port - a new stage built from an old navy boat that played host to DJ's, pole-dancers, fire-breathers and a whole lot of all night raving.

7. Sunday night just isn't long enough
Bestival parties pretty much 24/7, and while Sundays at most festivals can see the blues set in early, as the prevous two days excesses take their toll. Bestival is different, however, and you'll find the only depressing thing about Sunday nights at Bestival is knowing it's all almost over.

8. The ferry journey home will be horrific
The ferry journey to Bestival is glorious. The party spirit, maybe that first beer, the sense of escape as you cross (a bit of) the sea. But be prepared - the trip back is grim. From the 4am departure, the boat back to the mainland is a mess of partied-out festival goers, snatching a few brief moments of sleep on the floor before making that even-longer journey back home.

9. You will cry at the fireworks finale
Seriously, it's really something. Prepare to embrace your friends tighter than ever before, bawl your eyes and scream until your lungs explode as the last great party of the summer is topped off with an audio-visual pyrotechnic spectacular.  

10. There will be a 'special guest' on Thursday
It's long been rumoured to be Muse - something that Matt Bellamy confessed, but now denies. Still organisers insist it will be someone special... 

11. It's the perfect ending to summer
By the time September rolls around, most of the UK has packed their tents away and is hibernating for the long hard slog of winter. With some pretty brilliant festivals announced already, 2015 promises another relentless summer of love, music, magic and mayhem. Bestival marks the end of it all - and there is no better finale to be found on the planet. Get yourself on the boat.

 12. You'll be in mourning for weeks afterwards
As British festivals go, nothing feels quite like an escape in the way that Bestival does. Subsequently the bump back to reality after Bestival is one of the toughest to cope with. The flurry of Facebook photos in the days afterwards will make you yearn for a warm bag of wine or badly mixed rum and coke in a bottle.

Bestival 2015 takes place at Robin Hill County Park on the Isle of Wight from 10-13 September. For tickets and more information, visit here.

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Andrew Trendell and Michael Baggs

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