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Watch this: Truth Street - a hilarious hyper surreal animated hip hop musical

Animator Olly Hunter unveils his latest short


Truth Street hip hop musical with Modestep Photo:

If you've been perusing Gigwise of late, you may have noticed a series of animated shorts created by animator Olly Hunter (aka Twitter personality Batman LDN) -Truth Street is his full on animated hip hop musical. Watch the full piece below.

Following the plot of Log and Bark, who work for an arse of a boss, at a company that will do ANYTHING for 30 quid, things sound straightforward - but are anything but. It is an extremely surreal venture... Think Terry Gilliam meets a London garage vibe and you are somewhere along the right track.

Watch Truth Street by Olly Hunter below

It also happens to be mixed by Josh Friend of Modestep fame (who incidentally will be releasing new material this year), so the songs are as tip top as they are off the wall. There are MC infants with a devious plans to take make everyone speak like a garage MC (hogosh!) all the way to a conspiracy based around a hallucinogenic sandwich. We doubt you've seen either of those before. Make sure you check it out. 

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